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Track Su Canale

Colour: VERDE
Difficulty: T
Length: 1,65 Km
Time: 50 min
Practicable: ON FOOT - BY BICYCLE

After parking your car in the free car park at Barraconi, proceed along the track until you get to Cala Moresca. The start of the track is evidenced by a large information board which shows the walk and useful information. We advise you to consult it before setting off on the walk. This walk gets its name from the fact that it runs along the valley which divides the two peaks of the promontories, Mount Ruju and Capo Figari. The track resembles a riverbed without stones and it is a perfect walk for even the less expert walker. It joins Moresca Bay with the northern point of the promontory, crossing other walking tracks: the Carbonai Track, which takes you to the town of Golfo Aranci; the Mount Ruju Track, which takes you to the viewpoint; and the Arcobaleno Track, which joins the Su Canale Track with the Semaforo Track.