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Points of historic interest

Within the SCI Area it is possible to retrace some important local and national historical events by participating in interesting excursions on land or by sea. The first inhabitants of the area, in fact, date back to the Nuragic Age, as seen by the sacred well called Pozzo Milis and the numerous other archaeological findings on the Island of Figarolo. On top of the limestone promontory of Capo Figari are the ruins of a former Italian Navy Radio Station. To the south, you can visit Greca Bay, which is very suggestive due to the presence of the cemetery ‘Cimitero degli Inglesi’. Going towards Moresca Bay, you can see the old kiln whilst admiring the rich Mediterranean bush. At Point Filasca you can see the Coastal Battery Luigi Serra cannon, which is still almost intact. Here, you can discover a lot of history in a breathtaking setting.